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Lip Plumping


Natural looking Fuller Lips

  • Fuller, Smoother Lips

  • Natural Looking

  • No Downtime

  • No Injectables

  • Simulates Collagen Remodeling

LipLase Top
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Lip Fillers vs Fotona LipLase™

What is the difference?


The two treatments differ in their treatment modalities. Lip augmentation with dermal fillers commonly uses hyaluronic acid. One of the side effects of any lip injectable is that it can lead to bruising. Some of the other side effects of dermal fillers and lip injectables are bleeding from the injection sites, redness, tenderness, and infection, and it can sometimes cause reactivation of cold sores. The LipLase™ procedure, on the other hand, targets a more natural way of providing you fuller lips by enhancing your body’s own collagen production to achieve fuller, more voluminous defined natural lips.


What are the side effects of LipLase™?


It has minimal to no side effects since it only uses heat laser energy to stimulate the regeneration of your collagen, making it a safer procedure. The procedure will make you feel some heat around your lips while it is being done but that fades after the procedure is over. We do use numbing cream which prevents any negative sensations. It does take at least 6 weekly treatments to achieve naturally fuller lips, but it can be more affordable than injectables because it lasts longer and only requires maintenance with one treatment every 3 months.


How does LipLase™ Work?


LipLase™ is done from the inside of the mouth and the outer area as well. There is no needle involved, which makes the procedure, a comfortable experience. It poses no bruising or other adverse effects, and neither does it have any downtime recovery. The laser energy on LipLase™ utilizes its heat, targeting the deepest layers of the skin to stimulate the increased production of collagen. Collagen is essential is for skin laxity, volume, and anti-aging. Collagen and Elastin are needed to keep our skin from sagging and to maintain skin elasticity.


What to expect from LipLase™ treatment?


Each session of LipLase™ treatment takes less than 30 minutes. It is virtually painless and has zero downtime recovery. Although you may feel minimal warmth caused by the laser energy all over your lips during the procedure, it will be gone after the treatment.

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Our results speak for themselves...





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